July 14, 2011

Gap is renewing a campaign begun last spring to encourage people to bring in old jeans to be turned into recycled denim insulation. The campaign, which started last Wednesday and runs through October 20th, goes like this: you bring in some old denim, Gap hands it off to Bonded Logic, where it will be recycled into UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation and donated to needy communities. And that’s not all: when you bring in an old pair of jeans you’ll receive a 30% discount on a new pair of Gap 1969 jeans, and an extra 10% on top of that if you become a fan of Gap on Facebook.

We like this campaign because it will help keep families warm and reduce their utility bills, it will cut carbon emissions, it helps draw attention to insulation (not normally a topic of everday discussion for most folks, but an important part of fixing our country’s buildings), because recycled denim insulation is good stuff, and because all those people walking around in brand new jeans as a result of the 30% discount will look that much hotter.Cheers to Gap. Here’s their ad; give it a gander and then tell us that energy efficiency isn't sexy:

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  • Thank you for allowing me to test the project in Cumberland. For a building of around 7000 Square feet I expected the blower door number to approach 4000 CFM. Because of your excellent foam application and the quality of the builder the blower door reading was only 2400 CFM at 50 Pascals!

    Mark P., Cumberland
  • Thanks to Dixfield Foam Insulation we don't have frozen pipes anymore on those cold nights. They were fast, efficient and very friendly. I would recommend them to anybody!

    January 2, 2017

    Rumford, ME